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The archive is moving to AO3 effective March 1, 2014. More details there.

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Please note that much of the material you will find on this site is intended for adult audiences only. If explicit sexual material and the idea of homoerotic relationships bothers you, you are advised to look elsewhere!

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Submission Guidelines


The archive is moving to AO3 effective March 1, 2014. More details there.

As the archive receives a number of submissions for this site, we would like to request that authors follow these guidelines for posting stories to the list and when they submit stories directly to the archivists. Failure to follow these guidelines will slow down the process of getting your stories up on the website. Also, please make sure to read the Archive Policies listed further down this page to ensure your submission is suitable and complies with the requirements listed here.

Subject Line

A format as shown below is recommended, as some list members may wish to separate fiction postings from general discussion:

spacerFIC: Story Title (Part number/Total # of parts)

If you are posting as you write, and don't know how long your story will be, put "?" as the total number of parts.

Headers within Message Text

The following is the suggested information to include before the text of the your story. Please take note of it, and realize that including all the requested information will make both the archivists and readers happy.

  • Title - the story title
  • Author - the story author. Please include your email address here as well if you wish it to be listed in the archive. If your email address if not here, it will not appear with the story in the archive.
  • Archive (yes or no; and where) - Stories are not automatically archived. If you want the story archived say it here.
  • Category - list which of the categories best fits your story.

    Qui/Obi Alternate-Universe Non Q/O
    Hurt/Comfort Angst Plot-What-Plot
    Pre-Slash Action/Adventure First-Time
    Fetish/Kink BDSM Point of View
    Romance Poetry Drama
    Parody Crossover Non-Con
    Chan (age 15-17) Alternate Reality Humor
    Parody Ani/Other Obi/Ani
    Qui/Other Obi/Other Obi/Bail
    Xanatos/Other Bruck/Other Mace/Other

  • Rating (G to NC-17) - Use your best judgment.
  • Warnings - Note any content that some people might be sensitive to: rape, character death, graphic violence, graphic sex, violent sex, chan... use your judgment.
  • Spoilers - warn if appropriate
  • Summary - One to two line summary or intro to the story used by search engine
  • Feedback (Y or N; and how) - do you want feedback? On list/off list?

Example header:

Title: Alone
Author: sidewinder (sidewinder72@yahoo.com)
Archive: master_apprentice, and my homepage only
Category: angst, POV
Rating: PG
Warnings: no sex, just a lot of angst
Spoilers: this takes place post "TPM", so proceed cautiously if you haven't seen the movie!
Summary: Obi-Wan's thoughts after the events which have recently taken place and the future.
Feedback: yes, please, any comments welcome.

Your Story

Adapted from the alt.startrek.creative FAQ on formatting story postings.

The following information is very important! Proper story formatting will make your text easier to read for everyone. It is not the job of the archivist to completely reformat your story if it is badly mangled, you don't however, have to format it into HTML. Please follow the rules listed below:

DO NOT use smart-quotes or other special formatting some word processors substitue for hyphens, ellipses, etc. Smart-quotes screw up a lot of people's email readers, and many folks trash such stories unread as soon as they see the tell-tale subscripts and superscripts and/or little black rectangles and/or just plain garbled up screens. It also gives the archivist more work to do to strip all these characters out. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to save your stories in TEXT ONLY format in your word processing file. Then CLOSE the file. Re-open it, THEN cut-and-paste the text into your email message.

DO NOT post your stories in HTML code. The vast majority of email readers can't translate the codes properly, and many people don't want to bother saving the file and firing up a web browser so they can read it.

DO NOT post stories as attachments or in Word, Wordperfect or other word-processing file formats. Some people's email servers refuse attached files. Not everyone uses the same word processors. Some people just won't open attachments out of fear of viruses. The rest of us are just too lazy to be bothered :-) So don't do it.

DO post your stories in plain old ASCII text. In your wordprocessor this may also be known as MS-DOS text, or Simple Text or Generic Text or such. If you want to indicate such things as italicized or bold text, please use text symbols such as ~this~ or *this*. I will convert them into html code for the website.

DO double-space between paragraphs. Simply indenting the paragraphs often isn't enough--tabs can get swallowed, it's easier to read with a space between paragraphs, and it makes the archivist's life easier (see a trend with that last reason here? :-)

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Policies and Archiving Team Information

The master_apprentice archiving team:
AUTHORS A-Z: Travis (kyuuketsukirui@gmail.com)

For questions about general site maintenance, problems getting your stories archived, or if you need for any reason to remove one of your stories, please contact Lori at (lori @ hawksongDOT com)

If you are not a member of the master-apprentice mailing list and would like your fiction archived on the site, (which is definitely welcome) send your submission to the archivist according to your name. Please read the archive policies at the bottom of this page to make sure that your story is suitable for the site and make sure to follow the submission guidelines regarding how to format your story.

Submitted stories will be archived in as timely a fashion as possible, but real life may affect the rate at which this site is updated and we trust everyone to understand that. Please do not bug the archivists regarding the status of a submitted story unless more than one week has passed since a fic was posted/emailed. Please be aware that if you do not follow the submission guidelines, that will slow things down and your story may be rejected unless it is reformatted correctly.

Stories are posted on this site with the authors' express permission. Do NOT archive any of these stories on another website unless you have received permission from the author to do so, or they have given free archiving rights in the disclaimer to their story.

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Archive policies:

I. Important! This archive has a several restrictions on story content, which will be enforced. If your story does not meet these guidelines, it will be turned down.
  1. I will not archive fiction which involves underage (under-15) characters in explicit (R to NC17) sexual situations. Indirect references to such activity are allowed, at the discretion of the archivist, if necessary for the story. If you are uncertain about whether a story will be acceptable or not, you are welcome to ask the archivist before submitting. Please label anything with a character between the ages of 15 and 17 with the category of chan
  2. No actor-slash. Keep the stories focused on the characters they portray, not the men themselves. Crossover stories with characters other than Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan but played by the same actors are, however, quite welcome, as are 'alternative-universe' scenarios.
  3. Plagiarism. Plagarism is an act whereby someone misleads their readers to believe that what they are reading is the original work of the writers when it is not. Having someone's work inspire a work of your own is perfectly acceptable, that's how we often learn. But try not to make it too excessive and always - always credit them. Please don't tell me that there was too many people to credit because you've read a thousand stories. Take a minimum of five minutes and do a good web search and give that credit where it is due. Better yet - put yourself into your work and it will mean so much more. Never take OR modify someone else's work. I will pull stories from the archive that have been proven to my satisfaction to be plagarised.
  4. Character focus. Submitted stories must contain Qui-Gon and/or Obi-Wan and/or Anakin, or they will be turned down. No Qui-Gon/female, Obi-Wan/female, or Anakin/female erotic/romantic stories will be accepted, unless the story also contains a strong slash theme relationship.
II. Stories will be reformatted only to be consistent with the standard style of the archive, but that is all. Authors are strongly encouraged to use beta-readers to check for grammar and other such mistakes. If you have specific formatting requests for a fiction, such as illustrations, font size/color requests, the archivist recommends you send her an already html'ed version of the story.

III. If you ever need to remove or resubmit a story to the archive with changes, please resubmit the entire story to the archivist and the changes will be made in as timely a fashion as possible.

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