Yes, Padawan

by Barbana

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Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Newbie Alert! I'm warning you now, I've never ever written a piece of fiction before. Nope, not one, so this is pretty bad. Also, my very kind beta suggests that I advise you that, depending on your own personal squick factor you might consider some elements of this story to be rough/intense. Anything more specific ruins the story, and since there's not much here to begin with, please forgive me for not going into detail grin.

Spoilers: None

Summary: A master, a padawan, a cool stone wall and a pair of torn lounging pants

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Thank you's to Linda (Sneezer222) for taking the time to beta this for me, even though she was insanely busy with dinner and not feeling well at all. You ROCK woman!

It was late and all the lights were off by the time I came to our quarters. No matter, not bothering to light a lamp I made my way unerringly to my room. I had just stepped inside the doorway when a low voice said,

"I saw you today..."

I turned in the direction of the voice, lips parted to answer when I felt myself being roughly pushed face first into the wall beside the door. I heard him again, his voice low and husky.

"I was watching you, I know what you were trying to do."

When I raised my head to speak I again felt myself being pushed into the wall. Strong hands pushing my face and shoulders against the stone, a little rougher this time. "Don't talk!" he advised. Warm breath just below my left ear, causing me to shiver involuntarily. I felt his body grow still, and for a brief moment the hands on my back eased their pressure.

"Take off your pants," he demanded.

I froze. I had been swimming naked in the temple pools so they were all I was wearing. I hadn't bothered to completely dress as it was very late. I thought there would be no one to see my lack of proper attire in the halls of the temple at that time of night. Now it didn't seem like such a good idea to be running around half naked.

Too late I realized that my hesitation was going to cost me my most comfortable pair of lounging pants. I heard his harsh inhalation of breath just before I felt one warm palm shove me hard between my shoulder blades, pinning me to the cool stone wall, while the other hand grabbed the waistband of my loose pants and tugged. Hard. I heard the sound of thin fabric rip just before I felt the cooler air of the room caress my still damp skin.

I heard his breath catch just briefly and then his voice again against my ear, "There's a word for what you've been doing to you know what it is?" Before I could even think of what to say he spoke again. "Did you know that even the hardest stone will wear down and break under enough pressure? Hummm? Sometimes it happens quickly, like in an earthquake. You and I know however, that most often the pressure that wears down stones is subtle and goes on for a long time. Like the water in a stream running continually over the surface. You might not even notice right away, but over the years, inevitably the stone will wear down."

I felt him move his hands to either side of my head. Then I felt him press himself up against my body, forcing me even closer to the wall. I could feel the chilled indentations of stone against my cheek and chest. It was a sharp contrast to the sleek warmth of him against my back. He was pressed against me from head to heels and when I felt his hardness against me I felt my body react as it always did to the feel of him. Unable to stop it a, moan pushed past the sudden tightness of my throat. Raising his head off my back for a moment he continued speaking...sending wave after wave of sensation across my skin with every harshly uttered word.

"Today it was swimming naked in the pool, flirting with other padawans, when you knew I was there to work and could not afford the distraction. Yesterday you were suddenly without clean clothes and so had to lounge about our rooms naked until your laundry could be done. Last week it was a sudden desire for baths instead of sonics and only I could wash your back because you couldn't reach it, you said. Last month you made sure I heard you having sex with that ambassador's aid on Telssk. I can still hear you moaning through the walls. I saw you looking at me the next day...searching for a reaction." He moved against me then, biting my shoulder hard and thrusting himself against me. "Was this the reaction you were hoping for? Never mind, don't answer, I don't care anymore." He moved his hands to grip me hard on my hips. His voice lashed out at me.

"Lean against the wall and spread your legs"

I shuddered and moved quickly to comply. He was being unpredictable and I honestly didn't know what would happen if I didn't. I was just a little surprised to realize how much his unusually harsh behavior was exciting me. I no longer had any pants to tear, but somehow I didn't see that stopping him if he wanted to teach me a lesson. He moved back slightly. Just barely enough to allow me room to maneuver. I leaned against the wall now with hands braced out on either side. My legs spread far enough to satisfy him, I hoped, while still allowing me to remain standing with no assistance. It was probably a good thing I was able to do it, because I realized that I was unlikely to get any help from him in the mood he was in. He made me stand there for what seemed like an eternity. The darkness of the room was filled with my shallow gasps. My ears ringing with the sound of my own heart trying to beat me to death.

I felt the air shift around my body. One hand came up to grasp me around the hip and the other hand drifted to lightly trace the cleft of my ass. With only a second to be grateful that the finger touching my sensitive opening was coated with some kind of lubricant, I let out a hard yelp as it suddenly forced its way in. All the way in. He only gave me a moment to adjust to the intrusion before a second finger joined the first. Ahh, it hurt. I let out a hiss of breath between my teeth.

"Hush" he said gently against my back. His touch easing up now, "This is what you wanted, isn't it? You're so tight, I thought you had done this before, but I can feel now that you haven't. Have you?" Slick fingers sliding back into me, with a tenderness and skill that hadn't been there a minute ago. I felt my body begin to tighten in anticipation around those questing fingers.

"Have you?" he snapped at me, pushing a third finger in as punishment for nnot answering him sooner. Apparently I was not to be forgiven so quickly for my transgressions.

"No." I moaned...the sound coming low from my body, vibrating out into the darkness of my room. Even though it still hurt a little, it also felt so good to have him touching me, that the pain soon crested into pure pleasure. I had gone rock hard by then and I could feel my erection nudging the muscles of my stomach. I was leaving a sticky trail on myself and caring nothing at all about the humiliation of my position. Standing there, spread before him, pressed against the wall of my own bedroom like a whore, and all I wanted to do was scream and explode then and there.

I heard him shift and the wonderful feeling of his fingers left me. I started to protest when I felt his thumbs move to spread me wide. I could feel the blunt pressure of his cock pushing against my opening. He paused.

"After this, there is no going back. Do you understand?"

I couldn't speak. The words wouldn't crawl past my throat so I nodded instead. Head against the stone. My hair brushing against it as I gave my wordless assent. Strong hands came again to my hips and I felt him slowly push in.

Gods it burned...his hand had felt so good I thought this would just be an extension of that delicious sensation. He sensed my pain and grew still within me. We waited for what felt like forever. I could feel him waiting patiently for me to become accustomed to the sensation. I sensed him sending out calming influences, washing over me. I had never imagined being so very tight and full. The darkness of the room now filled with not only my now loud gasps but his deep hard breaths. Eventually most of the discomfort eased and as if on cue he began to move within me.

Oh, the feeling was indescribable. Full, hot, made me ache and I began to groan loudly into the quiet darkness of the room. Hands bruised my hips as he pulled me onto him harder and faster. I heard him murmur but at that moment I was too far gone to hear him. I started pushing back with my body, impaling myself on him. I was very close to reaching my climax when just then he froze within me, mid stroke.

"What are you doing?" I cried out. My voice shaking from passion interrupted.

"Were you trying make me desire you?" He asked, voice unnaturally calm.


"Answer me!" he growled out as he shoved himself in again with one sharp stroke.

"Yessss". I moaned. I could imagine the image I made. I was sure my cock had gone purple and was weeping a steady stream against me. I was dimly grateful for the darkness, so he could not see my distress.

"Were you trying to make me fuck you?" One hand reaching around and slowly encircling my hardness, fingertips ghosting over acheingly tight skin, pulling just a little at the crown.

"Ohhhh...YES! Yes I was trying to make you want me, fuck me, desire me. Is that so wrong??" I sobbed. Mindlessly thrusting myself between the twin pleasures of his hand and cock.

"Is that all you wanted?" He asked, his voice dropping so low I had to strain to hear it above the fierce beating of my heart. He removed his hand from my straining shaft and I heard myself whimper without shame. He was now completely motionless within me. Hands holding my hips hard to prevent any movement on my own.

"Is it? Was that all you wanted from me?" he asked again.

Shaken, my pride no longer seemed so dear and I cried out "NO, that's not all I wanted, damn you! I wanted you to love me too! I want you to love me the way I love you!"

I was so overwhelmed by desire, that I didn't care how pathetic and pleading my most private wishes might have sounded out loud. I wondered for a moment if I had gone too far. Almost hysterically I started thinking that he might think it acceptable for him to fuck me but not for me to love him. I had visions of him leaving me unsatisfied and limp against the wall of my room as punishment for teasing him over the last year. I was trying to imagine how we could possibly repair our relationship, if that was indeed where we were heading, when I felt him draw in a long shuddered breath as he withdrew himself from me.

Closing my eyes I felt tears start to fall.

Then hands came from my hips to enclose my chest and he held me close for a long moment before starting to move once more within me. Hands were roaming over my body with raw passion, pulling and pushing me into even higher arousal then I could have possibly imagined in a million years.

"Say it again."

"Ohh..." I sobbed, "I love you, I've always loved you, I will always love you."

My face was wet with tears, and the air was cool against my cheeks when I felt my head snap back in pure pleasure. I strained against him. I could feel myself nearing the end of my rope and I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would climax. I found myself keening into the darkness of the room. I wanted him to move faster and harder against me and as if by magic he did. Grabbing me hard and thrusting. I heard his belly slap against my ass, the sounds we made loud and erotic in the stillness of my room. It felt so good I didn't want it to end. Ever. Feeling my release approaching me fast I called out to my lover, encouraging his movements, wanting him to be with me. At last, feeling like a coil wound far too tightly, I exploded, spraying the wall with thick ropes of seed, muscles clenching around my lover.

I called out to him. "Obi-wan!" His name shouted to the heavens.

I heard his shout of triumph as he came, thrusting hard in me. Standing there, the wall once again cool against my face. We drew in long breaths. Both of us struggling to return to some semblance of calm. I felt his body once again press mine full length onto the wall. I felt him move my hair from my neck, reach up and tenderly kiss the me under my earlobe. I heard his voice again in my ear. This time infinitely more loving and soft.

"I love you too, and master, no more flirting naked with padawans while I'm taking astro-physics finals, ok?"

"Yes, padawan."

The end