Something to Tell You

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Rating: NC17 (I seem to be on a smut binge)

Summary: Obi-Wan has something he wishes to to tell Qui-Gon

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Notes: Thank you to Kerby for the beta. All other mistakes are mi...{waves hand} there are no other mistakes. This one is for michelle, as requested. I guess if I have the brain the least I can do is use it for smut.

"Master, I have something to tell you," said Obi-Wan, putting his hand on Qui-Gon's shoulder.

"Yes, Padawan? You know you can tell me anything," Qui-Gon replied, berating himself for sounding so eager.

"Master, I'm sorry, but I've chosen to concentrate on advanced piloting instead of philosophy this rotation."

"Oh." Qui-Gon couldn't keep the disappointment from colouring his voice.

"I'm really sorry, Master. I know you were hoping I would study the philosophy."

"That's quite all right, Obi-Wan. It is, after all, your coursework, not mine."

_6 Months Later_

"Master, I have something to tell you," said Obi-Wan, hesitantly touching Qui-Gon's hand. Qui-Gon took Obi-Wan's hand in his own.

"Yes, Padawan? You know I have always encouraged you to come to me."

"Master, I must confess that Bant was not alone in dyeing all of Master Windu's clothing pink. I helped her."

"Oh." Disappointment definitely coloured Qui-Gon's voice.

"I'm really sorry, Master. It was childish and disrespectful and I shouldn't have done it."

"No, you shouldn't have, but I'm glad you had the integrity to come forward and tell me about it. Now, we must go see Master Windu and you must tell him as well."

"Yes, Master."

_6 Months Later_

"Master, I have something to tell you." Obi-Wan clasped his hands together, looking briefly up into Qui-Gon's face before focussing on the ground.

"Yes, Padawan? I'm always ready to hear what you have to say," Qui-Gon said as encouragingly as he could, hiding the hopeful note behind his sincerity.

"Master, I'm having a lot of trouble with the final form of the Stars Kata."

"Oh." Qui-Gon knew that Obi-Wan would take the disappointment in his voice as disapproval, but found that he could not quite contain it.

"I've tried and tried but I just can't seem to complete it."

"Would you like my assistance?"

"That would be marvellous, Master."

_6 Months Later_

"Master, I have something to tell you."

"Yes, Padawan? What is it?"

"I thought I might grow a beard."

"A beard?"

"Yes, like yours. What do you think?"

"If you wish to, you should."

_6 Months Later_

"Padawan, would you please be still."

"I'm sorry, Master."

_6 Minutes Later_


"Sorry, Master. Stilling now, Master."

_6 Minutes Later_

"What is your problem today, Padawan?"

"I'm sorry, Master. It's just that this beard is itchy -it's making me crazy."

"Then get rid of it."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Of course not."

"Oh. I was worried you'd be insulted if I shaved it off because you have one and I thought that if I shaved mine off you might think I was judging your choice and-"


"Yes, Master?"

"Shave the beard."

"Yes, Master."

_6 Minutes Later_

"What do you think, Master?" asked Obi-Wan, as he came out of the 'fresher, rubbing his clean shaven jaw.

"I must admit," said Qui-Gon, cupping Obi-Wan's cheek, "I prefer you without it."


"Yes, Padawan?"

"May I tell you something?"


"I love you."

"How convenient, because I adore you."

"You do?"

"I do."

"For how long?"

"It has been quite some time now."

"You know, Master, I have to confess that I didn't actually have anything to do with Master Windu's clothing becoming pink."

"Oh, no?"

"No, Master. And I would happily have studied philosophy."


"Yes, and..."

"Do go on."

"Well, the Stars Kata has never really been a problem -any of the levels."

"I don't understand."

"I was going to tell you that I loved you a couple of years ago, but I lost my courage and instead told you that I wished to study advanced piloting and then a few months later...well I'm sure you get the picture."

"Am I really such an ogre that you couldn't tell me?"

"Not at all, Master. But if you hadn't returned my love I would have been mortified and embarrassed and devastated and quite likely-"

"I believe I get the picture, Obi-Wan. How did you find the courage this time?"

"I don't know, it just seemed right."

"I'm very glad you thought so, my Obi-Wan."

"I like that," replied Obi-Wan, rubbing his cheek against Qui-Gon's hand. They gazed into each other's eyes.

"What do we do now?" asked Obi-Wan, softly.

"What would you like to do?"

"A kiss?"

"Are you asking for permission?" teased Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan's face grew red and he smiled before stepping forward to lean against Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan reached up and softly kissed Qui-Gon's lips.

Qui-Gon's mouth opened against Obi-Wan's and his tongue came out to tickle briefly along his padawan's lips.

Obi-Wan's breath caught in his throat and he leaned harder against Qui-Gon, his own tongue coming out to press tentatively between Qui-Gon's lips.

Qui-Gon's mouth opened farther and he murmured his pleasure into Obi-Wan's mouth.

Made bold by Qui-Gon's response, Obi-Wan deepened the kiss, his arms reaching up to circle Qui-Gon's neck and draw him closer.

Qui-Gon could feel the heat of Obi-Wan's erection pressing against him as he slid his hands along Obi-Wan's back and cupped his bottom, tugging Obi-Wan tightly against him.

Obi-Wan pulled his mouth away with a shudder and a gasp, his hips jerking against Qui-Gon's body as he climaxed.

Burying his face in his Master's neck, Obi-Wan mumbled, "I'm sorry, Master. It just felt so good."

"Actually, it was rather a compliment," soothed Qui-Gon, hand roaming over Obi-Wan's body. "Surely you aren't still a virgin?"

Obi-Wan's face became red again and he looked down.

"There is nothing wrong with that, Obi-Wan. I'm just surprised. You are a very comely young man and I find it hard to fathom that you haven't had dozens of offers."

"It isn't due to lack of offers, Master, but it never seemed right to be intimate with another when it was you I wanted. And now I've gone and ruined it by finishing too soon."

"I believe that your youth and my experience can do something about that," said Qui-Gon as he nimbly undid the clasps of Obi-Wan's belt, pulling it and the sash from his padawan's body before gliding his hands into Obi-Wan's open tunics. He slid his palm over Obi-Wan's left nipple, drawing a moan from his lover.

Slipping his hands over Obi-Wan's shoulders beneath the tunic, Qui-Gon pushed it off, letting it fall to the floor. Qui-Gon drew his hands down over his padawan's shoulders, gently scoring Obi-Wan's nipples with his fingernails before continuing down to press against the tightly muscled abdomen.

Obi-Wan gasped as Qui-Gon's fingers fluttered against the taut belly and dipping beneath his waistband.

"You see," said Qui-Gon with a soft chuckle. He drew the knuckles of his free hand across the growing bulge at Obi-Wan's groin.

Obi-Wan moaned.

Continuing to cup the erection through Obi-Wan's leggings, Qui-Gon removed his other hand from Obi-Wan's waistband. He held his glistening fingers to Obi-Wan's lips.

Obi-Wan pulled his head away, mouth tightening into a slight grimace.

"Have you never tasted yourself?"

Obi-Wan shook his head.

"Pity," said Qui-Gon, lifting his fingers to his own mouth.


Ignoring Obi-Wan's outburst, Qui-Gon licked his fingers clean. "You taste wonderful."


Qui-Gon once again slid his fingers beneath Obi-Wan's leggings, brushing the tip of Obi-Wan's erection before pulling his hand out and holding the wet fingers once again up to his padawan's mouth.

Obi-Wan's tongue came out to tentatively touch the tip of Qui-Gon's fingers. He flicked his tongue out again to swipe at another finger before pulling an entire digit into his mouth sucking it quite clean.

"You seem to be enjoying the taste after all," said Qui-Gon, voice hoarse.

Obi-Wan shrugged. "It's okay, but the taste of your skin is rather intoxicating. I wonder if you taste the same all over?"

"I know one way you can find out," said Qui-Gon as he began to undo his own belt, fingers considerably less steady than they had been when he'd removed Obi-Wan's. Nevertheless, he managed to take off both his belt and his sash.

Before he had time to shrug off the tunics, Obi-Wan had moved forward and leaned his head toward Qui-Gon's chest, tongue flicking over the bared flesh.

Groaning his approval, Qui-Gon brought his hands up to hold Obi- Wan's head close against his body. He could feel Obi-Wan's tongue as it stroked across his skin, his padawan's breath blowing hot and cold against his chest, bringing out goosebumps over the wet skin.

Obi-Wan's hands rested lightly on Qui-Gon's hips, thumbs rubbing idly against the waistband.

Qui-Gon tugged Obi-Wan's head up, sealing their lips together in a long kiss and Obi-Wan pressed forward, bringing their bodies back together, their naked chests meeting for the first time. Qui-Gon could feel the slick heat of Obi-Wan's skin against his own. He moaned and pressed his hardness against Obi-Wan, the movement was returned and the two men began to push against each other with increasing urgency.

"Obi-Wan," whispered Qui-Gon, hands gripping Obi-Wan's hips, stilling them.

"Can't it wait?" Obi-Wan asked, distractedly, breathlessly, hips moving within Qui-Gon's grasp.

"I was thinking we might try this on the bed."

"Oh," said Obi-Wan, finally stilling. "That sounds like a good idea."

"That's why I'm the master."

Obi-Wan laughed, the sound tickling along Qui-Gon's skin and ringing brightly in his ears. Pulling Qui-Gon's head down, Obi- Wan kissed him, grabbing his lower lip and sucking before releasing Qui-Gon.

Obi-Wan turned and headed into the bedroom and Qui-Gon watched him go, enjoying the slide of skin over muscles and the tantalising movement beneath the form-fitting cotton leggings. Obi-Wan turned when he realised Qui-Gon was no longer behind him.

"Did I misunderstand?" he asked.

Qui-Gon shook his head and smiled, moving to join his lover at the door to their assigned room.

"I was just enjoying the view."

Obi-Wan let his gaze travel from Qui-Gon's boots to the long hair, sultry smile growing on his face.

"That can work both ways."

"Indeed." Qui-Gon opened his mouth to continue, but found himself unsure of what he'd been about to say. "I want to make love to you," he said instead and was nearly bowled over as Obi-Wan flung himself into Qui-Gon's arms.

Their mouths met and fused as they kissed, passion building. Qui-Gon walked Obi-Wan backwards until they reached the bed and by unspoken agreement they each removed their own boots and leggings.

Facing his padawan, Qui-Gon reached out and ran a gentle finger along Obi-Wan's erection. Obi-Wan moaned at the touch, body vibrating visibly.

"I would like very much to take this," and Qui-Gon again traced Obi-Wan's phallus, "into my body."

"I would like that very much," replied Obi-Wan, voice cracking on the last word. He closed his eyes as Qui-Gon's hand engulfed his erection, moving along the sensitive skin stretched tight.

Qui-Gon went to his bag and came back with a small vial which he pressed into Obi-Wan's hand before lying on his side on the bed. He could feel Obi-Wan hesitate for just a moment and then the bed dipped and his padawan's body pressed against his back.

Qui-Gon moved his top leg forward and Obi-Wan slid a leg into the space left vacant, bringing his erection against Qui-Gon's buttocks. He could feel Obi-Wan fumbling with something and then he shivered as a warm finger pressed along the sensitive cleft.

"Like this?" Obi-Wan whispered into his ear as the finger gently breached Qui-Gon's anus.

"Yes," hissed Qui-Gon, pressing back against the digit, encouraging Obi-Wan to press deeper into his body. His padawan obliged, letting the finger push in and pull out, repeating the movement several times before Qui-Gon encouraged a second finger and then a third be added.

He was breathing heavily, small moans coming from his throat as Obi-Wan prepared him. All too soon and yet not soon enough, Obi- Wan was pulling his fingers away. Qui-Gon's hips moved back, searching, and his cry was one of relief and anticipation as Obi- Wan's cock pressed against his opening.

Moving backward as Obi-Wan pressed forward, Qui-Gon soon held the entire length of Obi-Wan's erection within his body. He couldn't think of anything better, unless it was Obi-Wan's erection moving within his body, and as he made a small noise to encourage exactly that, Obi-Wan began to move.

Obi-Wan pulled slowly out and pushed back in. Slipping one arm beneath Qui-Gon's side to wrap around his chest, the other possessively grasping Qui-Gon's erection, Obi-Wan repeated the movements, steadily increasing the pace until they were tangled together, bodies pushing and coming together frantically.

Qui-Gon could feel the pleasure coalescing in his belly, transforming into fireworks that exploded through his body, culminating in the deep pleasure of his seed shooting from him.

"Master!" Obi-Wan cried out, body growing stiff behind Qui-Gon.

He could feel Obi-Wan's cock pulsing within his passage and then Obi-Wan collapsed against him.

_6 Minutes Later_

"Master, I have to tell you something."

"Yes, Padawan?"

"I want to do that again."

"As do I, my Obi-Wan."

"And again."

"With some time for rest and recovery, that can probably be arranged."

"And again."

Qui-Gon chuckled. "I love you, too."