The Gilded Cage

by Z.P. Florian

Thanks for Cee for the plot bunny about the boxed dolls.It was irresistible.

Disclaimer1, the characters and the sandbox belong to George Lucas, I only play with the kind of sand he doesn't need.

Disclaimer 2 The bido oil is borrowed from "A marketable commodity" and the "Used boy", one of the better known SW zine stories of the old times when m/m stories were only a dream and only the very brave got even close to it,that was a classic, written by Block and Hendricks god bless them.


Hurt comfort angst,

Warnings sex plenty not very graphic m/m some drug use and the Sith is not that evil.

Summary, Master and Padawan are kept as small pets by a race of Giants. Will they ever escape? Will they want to?

This wasn't Betaed, any mistookos:) in there are all mine!!!

/On Ginaria, in the receiving room of Lord Albar./

The seventy foot tall, Ginarian, looked at the slaver with some doubt.

" Can you guarantee that this time they'll last a reasonable amount of time? The last couple I bought lived no longer than a few months. What makes this new pair more durable?"

"These are a special breed of humans, called Jedi. These are warriors and very hardy." the slaver answered." Capturing them takes time. But in a few weeks I can get you a pair, Lord Albar."

"Not a breeding pair, I hope. I want two males."

"Yes, I have two males chosen, all I need to arrange is to catch them. And as for their feeding, I'll take care that the food will be suitable for whatever race they are."

"You better do, and I want their habitat checked carefully. It should be the right temperature, and the air quality maintained better than last time. Besides, the sanitary arrangements should be changed, they should be able to clean up their habitat." Albar insisted. "If they are warriors,as you claim, I want their weapons as well. I have a bet with Lord Karu, that a human is capable of defeating all kinds of creatures. I have several animals already for them to fight."

"You will win the bet, Lord Albar," the slaver smiled."These two I have chosen for you, had defeated creatures far larger than themselves."

"Good, because I'll wager a lot on those bets..I'll reward you if I win." "You are most generous, my lord."

On Corusant, in the quarters of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi-Wan woke up in the middle of the night. He wasn't feeling well. He felt dizzy and very tired. He wondered if a cool bath would help him. He stumbled to the bathroom, dazed and disoriented.

A small noise attracted his attention. Someone was moving around in the next room, he wondered if his Master was up. Calling out forQui-Gon he saw the room going dark, and the floor came up to meet him, as he collapsed.

/In transit/

The next thing Obi-Wan knew was that he awoke, thirsty but no more dizzy. He couldn't move. Total darkness surrounded him. Binders held his ankles and his wrists, another binder was locked around his throat. He was in a standing position and obviously naked.. Total silence enveloped him, yet he felt that somewhow, he was traveling. His Master's presence was close to him. He sent a thought, to Qui-Gon. Master, what's happening?

The answer came clearly. I wish I'd know, Qui-Gon sent. Are you bound as well?

Yes, I'm tied down, I can't move at all.

It looks that we have been captured. I think we were drugged, probably with the food we ate.

I bought that on the market,Obi-Wan sent.Nobody could drug it after I brought it home. It was in my sight all the time.

This is worse that I thought, if the food was drugged before you bought it, then someone had to watch you for weeks, to learn what kind of food you buy. I can't imagine, who'd want to take us, as far as I know, we don't have enemies, came the thought from the Master.

This way or that way, we will get out of this somehow, the Padawan sent.

That's the right way to look at it, came the thought from Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan felt his Master's smile. After a long time, that Obi-Wan guessed to be at least six hours, the binders snapped open, and he was given a bowl of watery soup, and lights went on around him, there was a small sani in the cell where he could relieve himself, but no bed.He drank the broth, because he felt infernally thirsty, but that had to be drugged as well,because he knew that he was about to fall asleep.

/On Ginaria in the game room of Lord Albar/

Obi-Wan awakened bound the same way as before. Except this time he wasn't in the cell. He saw his Master, smilarly bound, right beside him. They were standing on a table bound in a container, like two boxed dolls. Two giants sat at the table. The two Jedi didn't understand the language but had no difficulty to read their minds, that was almost as good as understanding their words.

"So, these are my new toys." The giant said, obviously pleased."They look healthy."

"Yes, they are in excellent health, my lord."said the other giant, grinning as he received a bag that looked as if contained gold coins. Obi-Wan had heard of the race of giants before, but didn't know much about them.

The giant, who called them his new toys, lifted up the box, they were bound to and carried them to a large gilded cage that had two compartments, and put them inside, releasing the binders.

A package containing their clothes and lightsabers, was also placed into the cage. Obi-Wan was in one of the compartments, and Qui-Gon in the other. The compartments were separated by a thick glass wall. The cage had some kind of force field, making it impossible to get out. It was very large, with several floors, connected by ladders. Obi-Wan had seen similar cages to house small pets. Now he was to be a small pet? he wondered. The cage had a pallet for his bed, and another compartment that he thought was to serve as a bathroom, with a faucet dispensing water, and a tub for washing under it. The other compartment was exactly the same.

Obi-Wan saw Qui-Gon putting on his clothes, he decided to do the same. He had never seen his Master naked before. He found the sight disturbing. He's beautiful, Obi-Wan thought, he is far more beautiful than I ever imagined. Sometimes, he dreamed of making love to his Master, but he dismissed those thoughts with steel discipline. Qui-Gon was watching his Padawan with no less interest.He was disturbed by the desire he felt for the young man, and closed his shields to keep those thoughts to himself.

/Two months later on Ginaria/

The days were always the same, never to see sunlight, Qui -Gon tought. He woke up early, the lights were on continuously in the room where the cage was kept. He could see Obi-Wan sleeping on the other side of the glass wall. A bloody bandage was visible on the Padawan's right arm. Qui-Gon was worried about it. Both of them were wounded several times during the past weeks, fighting a variety of creatures for the enterntainment of Lord Albar and his guests. They were provided with medicines, and some synthflesh to doctor themselves, but not each other. Qui-Gon was almost never allowed to meet his Padawan. Unless they were fighting some animal together. But even that was a rare occasion, most of the time, it was only one of them set up to fight, first one and then the other, with an animal of the same type, and the giants were betting on which one of them kills the creature faster. Qui-Gon was worried that at one point they might force them to fight each other. He could only hope that they were considered valuable enough, to be kept alive.

Obi-Wan stirred in his sleep. His face was flushed, Qui-Gon thought he might have a fever from his wound. It pained him that he couldn't get to the boy, to help him. The food they were given was just enough to keep them from starving.

Obi-Wan was thin, all muscle and sinew, his young body needed more nourishment, with the constant fights and the need to heal his wounds. Qui-Gon found himself raging at their fate. Black anger filled him, not for his own sake, but seeing his Padawan in this state, his outrage was overwhelming. The worst part of it was that the boy, young as he was, never seemed to be angry. Obi-Wan took their fate with quiet dignity, I taught him all he knows, the Master thought, I taught him to accept what life throws at him, and he does. But if this kills him, it'll be my fault. His arms ached with the desire to hold the boy, who was now obviously shivering with fever. Qui-Gon became very worried, when Obi-Wan didn't wake, his breathing was fast, and hours passed, yet the boy didn't open his eyes.. He'd need water, the Master groaned. I must help him. Grabbing his lightsaber, he attacked the glass wall between them, it took a long time, the glass was thick, and cutting a hole large enough to fit through, took the better part of an hour. But then he was sliding through. He touched Obi-Wan's forehead, it was hot, he unwrapped the bandage, the wound seeped blood and yellow pus. The Master knew that he'll have to hurt in order to heal.

"Master?" Obi-Wan asked, opening his eyes.

"I thought you were unconscious."

"No, I just know I don't have the strenght to get up, it was better to retreat from reality." The Padawan answered.

"And? Wait till you die?"

" I couldn't think of anything else."

"Then I failed with you, my Padawan. There's always something else and you should kow that."

Qui-Gon brought water first, and gave it to Obi-Wan, cautioning him to drink small sips. "Now, you should retreat from reality, because I will cleanse your wound, and it'll hurt like hell."

"I'll take it, Master." Obi-Wan smiled, he was glad to have his Master at his side.

Qui-Gon gritted his teeth for the task ahead of him, he had to push at the wound, until the yellow pus came out and fresh clean blood flowed freely.

"You were right Master," Obi-Wan said. "It was very painful. Do you think we will ever get out of here?"

" Definitely, we don't have enough information yet, to form a sound plan to escape. First of all we must know if they installed any device into our body, that'd kill us if we leave the place. Let's spend the following days with learning what they've done to us and how well the place is guarded.. The problems are the size of the things, we can't possibly hope to steal a ship, we are not large enough to operate it."

"This is quite funny, Master, size was never a problem for you yet. I understand, we can't even pull a lever or get as high as the console. Tho we could always levitate up and try to work the controls that way. There's another problem, that we can't help their ship doesn't have the kind of food we can eat. I think their food have far too large molecules for us to digest."

" Then we just have to make sure that we get to a civilized place fast enough."

"I'm feeling much better now," Obi-Wan smiled." Your healing methods might be barbaric but they work. I hope they are not going to punish you for getting in here."

"So far they never punished us at all." Qui-Gon said. "Pity that the Force doesn't work on them. I wonder if their molecules are also too large for the midichlorians."

"I think so, " Obi-Wan agreed.

When Lord Albar came in to look at his pets, he was amazed seeing them sitting together, he noticed the hole in the glass wall. He was not angry he was pleased. He wanted pets who had spirit and temper, not like his previous acquisitions, that died too soon and never did anything interesting, but sat there huddled in a miserable heap. Now this two are something else. One would think, the giant thought, that they'd even mate with each other, not that it is likely that a species like this, so small, would have any concept of how a male shouldn't mate with females. His race lived separately, males and females had their own domain, and offsprings were created in labs. Over a thousand years ago, the sexes divided the planet, among themselves, and there were no wars ever since, the time of holy peace was on them, as they saw it. Their scholars decided, that the brutal wars of the past were caused by the two sexes living together, creating too much tension. Lately the sex between males was elevated to an almost sacred status. Albar didn't know if the females arrived to the same conclusion, but there was no communication between the two halves of the planet, except once a year when the males were required to donate sperm

Looking at his pets, Albar wondered if he should try to find out, whether they could our would have sex together. That'd be a great conversational piece at his next party, to have his pets on display! Both of them were goodlooking even if so tiny. The Lord contacted the slaver over the comlink. " You know what had happened, the larger one cut a hole in the separator, and went over to the other. Do you think they'd have sex together?"

"That can be arranged. I could send for some stimulants that'd make them interested in it." The slaver offered. "They are inexpensive and harmless. Just make sure they are well fed, maybe the stimulants should be taken with food, I check on it."

"But do make sure, that is harmless. I wouldn't want to lose those two, they are precious to me, no other pet ever entertained me better, and they win all bets, for me. By the way, I have your share of my winnings right here."

'Thank you, my Lord. I'll be there with the stimulants in no time."

Albar smiled, and sent out invitations for a party. He stood beside the glass cage, stroking the walls. "My pets, you will be the centerpiece on my table."

/Two weeks later./

Obi-Wan awakened to find himself on a large bed, covered with soft crimson velvet. He wore a triple strand of pearls wound around his waist, but nothing else. There was a small nightstand by the bed, with a beautifully crafted carafe on itand a basket of real apples, not the synthetic food they were kept on so far. He was wary of the drugs that might be in the food, but he couldn't resist the apples. Even if it is drugged, he thought, I need all the nourishment I can get. We will have to stay alive and in reasonably good shape. Since Qui-Gon broke through the glass wall, they were alloved to use the opening to get together. That was good, Obi-Wan smiled, we can at least talk, and take care of each other's wounds, they could even play simple games. Obi-Wan discovered that his Master was a great partner to play a game called Bar-Kochba, similar to it's simpler version, twenty questions, except there was no limit of the number of questions to be asked, but the object of the game was a thousand times more difficult, than Obi-Wan ever thought. In the first game they played Qui-Gon made him ask questions until he got to the shoelaces of the gardener in the first Jedi enclave ever built. It took almost two hours to get there, but since then Obi-Wan became addicted to the game, it helped to keep their sanity. He was quite proud to force, his Master to give up when Qui-Gon was utterly lost, trying to find what Obi-Wan finally graciously told him, was: "the place Obi-Wan will put his Padawan braid once he becomes a Knight" They both laughed at that. Anything that can make us laugh, Qui-Gon said then, is a lifesaver.

"Keep trying to drive me crazy with this kind of challenges,my Padawan." The Master had told his apprentice."And I'll do the same."

Now, Obi-Wan was eating the apples, their sweet taste, made him both happy and miserably homesick. He wondered where Qui-Gon was, he tried to determine, where he himself was, he was not in a cage. Finished the last apple, and stood up looking around. He was on what looked a white plain at first. Took him a while to realize that it was a gigantic table covered with a white tablecloth. Huge droids were circling the table obviously setting it for a feast. Obi-Wan shook his head,by the looks of it, he thought, I'm going to be the centerpiece. He still had his Padawan braid, but the rest of his hair reached his shoulders in unruly waves.What he didn't understand was that why was he naked and why was he adorned with pearls,apparently they had not planned a fight for him, as his saber was not there. He was thirsty.He opened the carafe and carefully sniffed at it, it didn't smell of any drug. He tasted it, and determined that it was some kind of weak wine, sweet and fruity.It didn't appear to do anything to him, just tasted good. He was slightly embarrassed being naked, but the hell with it,he thought, they probably think of me as a living doll, I shouldn't care. Wasn't I taught,to take everything as it comes, and do the best I can do, in every situation? Now, what's the best I can do, just relax and eat apples. And think of escaping.There must be a ship of our size coming here, he thought,they must have a delivery of our food this wine must have come on that ship, and the apples too.We can't eat their food, the molecules of that are to big for us to digest. It is very warm here, he thought,he drank more of the wine, heck,the worst that can happen that'll get drunk, but it is so warm here, I need something to drink. His body felt overheated, and to his surprise, he was erect. Damn, he thought,now I have to get hard? It had been a long time since he had a woman.Having sex with an interested woman, was something he considered a necessary exercise. What he wanted was Qui-Gon, but he didn't think there was anything to do about that. If the Master wanted him, he'd have given some sign of it, Qui-Gon can't be so stupid that he wouldn't take me, if he wanted to. Then it suddenly occurred to him, that perhaps Qui-Gon was waiting for him to initiate the relationship, not wanting it to be something coming from the Master. Maybe we are both dumb about this, Obi-Wan thought, but not today, if I ever see him, I must have him. His cock was on fire, he was near whimpering, yet he did nothing to satisfy himself. This one is for you, my Master. I want to come with you inside me. The guests started to arrive, looking at the small human on the middle of the table.

Lord Albar announced that tonight's entertainment will be the two humans making love. It was received with proper amazement, and Lord Albar was very pleased.

Food was served,and Obi-Wan was still on the bed, now he was actually whimpering, hoping that they'll let his Master come to him. If not, he thought, I'll have to do something,I'm so hard, it hurts. One of the giants lifted him up gently, admiring his body.

"I wish he was as big as we are," Lord Albar said. "Isn't he beautiful?"

"Yes, he is." Everybody agreed, as Obi-Wan was passed around the table,for a closer inspection. "Isn't he adorable?He's even hard. Will the other one take him?"

"I hope so, but they might do it the other way around, the other one is much larger so maybe he'll do the taking." Lord Albar said.He instructed the droids, to bring in Qui-Gon.Obi-Wan reached out to his Master, his body inviting. Qui-Gon had never seen his Padawan so seductive, it was obvious to him that the boy was drugged. "Obi-Wan, are you sure you want this, you are drugged, you might regret this later."

"Master, if you don't take me now, I'm sure I wont be around later. I want you so much I'll die if you don't take me. I wanted you for so long. I just never dared to say it." Obi-Wan said, his voice alternating between hoarse whispers and cries.

"I wanted you too, and I never dared to say it." Qui-Gon almost laughed. But then desire overtook him and took Obi-Wan in his arms.

"Kiss me"

"No, I can't Master, you have to fuck me now. I can't wait a minute longer." He turned on his stomach, something Qui-Gon didn't want him to do. Later, he thought I can show him more suitable positions. Now I just have to satisfy him, what a travesty of what I want, to have him when he's out of his mind. Not when he'd be truly mine, my Obi, my love, without drugs, his own self, but even now he's irresistible, so beautiful, he knew that this was not what his Padawan would have been if they had been at home, making love. The Giants watched them with interest. Qui-Gon cursed softly, he hated this, to make love to Obi-Wan on display. But he had no choice. Damn them all to the blue hells, he thought. Imagining that they were in a secluded glade, he turned the boy over draping his legs over his shoulder, he wanted to see the Padawan's face, when he entered him gently, he had no scented oils to prepare the boy, but he hoped that Obi-Wan's own arousal would make up for the lack of preparation. How beautiful he is how the pleasure transforms his face, how his eyes light up, how much love shines in his eyes.The young man moaned with pleasure, his fingers tangled in his Master's long hair. The giants clapped , delighted to see the small humans making love.

Lord Albar was immensely pleased with his pets. I will provide them with a much nicer environment, I'll have a pleasure nest made for them. Hopefully, they'll make love without drugs too, the big one is not even drugged, he remembered. Perhaps it is enough to start them off, he thought and then they'll seek out the enjoyment on their own.

/Two days later/ Lord Albar spared no expense to have a pleasure nest set up for his pets, the new glass cage was still large, but only one room, with the second floor open, a luxorious staircase with crimson carpeting led upstairs, where smaller rooms were, a sani and a cleaner for clothes. Clothes Lord Albar ordered by the trunkfull, mostly for Obi-Wan's size.The little one was gorgeous, Albar thought if the human would be his size, he'd fall in love with him. Maybe, he wondered, he could still share my bed, as small as he is, he could ride on my erection, that'd please me. If I'm really careful, I might be able to pleasure him, wouldn't that be something, to bring a tiny creature like him to an orgasm.

In the middle of the lower floor, there was a small pool with warm water, and behind it a huge circular bed, the table beside it was laden with wine, food and jars of scented oil. Obi-Wan was going through the clothes, in the trunks, not because he ever cared what he was wearing, but he hoped there might be something in the trunks to help them to escape. Qui-Gon stared at the clothes, there were tight leather pants,all kinds of obscenely designed erotic underwear,black thighs, and an white shirt, that could be worn open to the waist. He felt himself getting aroused just to imagine how Obi-Wan would look in that.

/Three weeks later/

They had no more fights assigned and with the food now plentyful, Obi-Wan filled out soon, and his hair became clean and luxurious. Their giant owner kept the cage, in his bedroom watching them.Lord Albar either had a lover for the nights, or pleasured himself,looking at his toys, obviously enjoying the sight of them. Once or twice he'd take out Obi-Wan and giving him some of the clothes to put on. At one night, he made Obi-Wan lie down naked on his own bed, and licked him all over. Qui-Gon was shaking with anger at that.

He was worried about Obi-Wan anyways, the boy was insatiable, he didn't think Obi-Wan was drugged, they both ate the same food, and the Master felt nothing. He couldn't keep up with the boy's demands for sex, this is not normal, he thought, no one can have seven orgasm a day, without being drugged.The boy was begging him all day. I'm sure he's drugged, Qui-Gon seethed, he is definitely not himself, he is not interested in anything, except his own body,he bathes, and wears those clothes. Sometimes Qui-Gon was sure the boy wore the tight pants to intensify his own erection.

"Master, I'm sorry, I can't control this, I want you." Obi-Wan begged."Don't worry about me, I'm very happy, even if you don't fuck me,every time I ask for it, I can still have all the pleasure, just imagining it. There's nothing else for me to do,here, why not enjoy what I can.If we'd be free and back on Coruscant, it'd be forbidden for you to make love to me." He laughed, his seagreen eyes sparkling. "I don't think I care to get back if it means, not to have you inside me.I want you to fuck me so hard that I'd be too sore to walk. I sense that you think this is not me, but I don't know, maybe this is more me, than the good little Padawan you had." His hands traveled down his chest,going inside his pants pushing the thight leather garment down. "This is all yours, my Master." He whimpered.

No, Qui-Gon thought, he must be drugged. This is not him. Yet he couldn't help desiring the boy, who so wantonly offered himself.He felt horrible but tried to explain it to himself that there was nothing he could do right now, but to try and satisfy the boy's desires. Obi-Wan looked healthy, ate well and definitely wasn't unhappy.

He waited on the bed for his Master. "Will you fuck me really so hard that I won't be able to walk? You are so big, it shouldn't be that difficult!"

"Why should I hurt you?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Maybe if I'm really sore, I won't need it again so soon.You don't like it that I want it so often.Why? Am I doing something wrong? I'm not hurting anybody." The boy turned on his stomach."Do it now!"

Qui-Gon reached out for the oil.

"I said, fuck me sore! Don't use the goddamn oil!I can't stand your disapproval a second longer!I can't help being erect all day.I like it.You don't like it and I don't care! If you care, do it!" The boy screamed.

Qui-Gon couldn't bring himself to hurt his Padawan. He entered him, to the hilt gently as he always did and not without the oil.

"This doesn't hurt at all!" Obi-Wan protested."Don't stop, it is soo good, please." He cried out his pleasure in less than two minutes. This is not normal, Qui-Gon knew it then. "Obi-Wan, I'm sure you are drugged."

"Yes, and how? We eat the same food, drink the same water, use the same oil. What if I'm not drugged, what if this is me the naked Obi-Wan, the person I'm if there's no duty, no Force.Why can't I be naturally unusually sensual? Why does it have to be drugs?" The seagreen eyes blazed with anger.

Just then the top of the cage was lifted up, and Lord Albar's ringed hand reached in, to lift out the boy.

Qui-Gon watched incredulously, as Obi-Wan was laid down gently on the pillow of the Giant, stroked with a small feather, until he screamed.

Albar smiled raising the writhing little body up to his mouth, licking it evoking more screams.

Qui-Gon tried to figure out how could Obi-Wan be drugged,in what? The only thing they didn't share was some sweet fruit drink that Qui-Gon never liked. Yet when he tried it, he didn't feel that it had any aphrodisiac effect. He wondered if it could be something he's immune to, while the boy is unusually sensitive to it. Could clothes be drugged?

Nonsense.Just in case, he lifted up the leather pants Obi-Wan discarded. The inside of it was slick with oil, he thought it might have been the residue of the scented oil he had used, but it had no scent. Touching it, he felt his fingertips tingle, just as an experiment, he put some on his penis. This is it, he thought, when his world exploded in a red haze of desire, every inch of his skin screamed to be touched.He was a Master, and could controll it, he thought, but he couldn't his body took over, and he waited crazed with impatience for Albar to give back his Padawan. Soon enough, Albar's latest lover arrived, and Obi-Wan was gently placed back in the cage.

"Now, I will make love to you as you wanted." Qui-Gon said. "You are beautiful, and I love you this way, my demanding boy. I want you on all fours in front of me now." He was instantly obeyed.Obi-Wan laughed."So? You have decided to enjoy what we can?" After the fourth orgasm, Qui-Gon thought they should rest. But Obi-Wan got up from the bed and went to put on the leather pants."I want more." He smiled.

"So you have known it that it is the oil on your clothes?" Qui-Gon demanded.

"Yes, Master.I knew, but either this or we'd go crazy here.Albar gave it to me, when he first played with me in his bed. I liked it it is the most marvelous sensation.At least we are going crazy on a good way."

"You lied to me!You said you don't know what causes your constant arousal!" Qui-Gon was outraged.

"Yes,so what?This is the only good thing that I found here." Obi-Wan smiled.Moving his hips seductively."I still love you, and you still love me, what else matters? Come,here, undress me, touch me, and you can fuck me again, it'll arouse you if you touch me, I'm so slick with this oil, your palm will slide on my skin."

"Obi-Wan, this is going too far. We'll eventually exhaust ourselves."

"The hell we will. Back home we did exercises five hours daily, this is not any more tiring. And feels a lot better than swinging your lightsaber or sitting on a flat rock and meditate. Come here, my love, I want to have you inside me again. No, I'm not sore at all.Stop being so damned concerned, it is sweet, that you are worried about me so much, but you shouldn't! If I can have seven orgasms a day, I want them all.And if I can have eight, I'll want nine!Touch me, feel how hard I'm."

Qui-Gon stared at him, damn him to all the blue hells, he is incredibly beautiful, and how can he behave like a slut and still glow like an angel.His body responded to the blatant invitation. He nearly tore the pants off the boy's body the next thing he knew was that he was thrusting hard and Obi-Wan writhed under him, screaming out his pleasure. When they were both spent. Obi-Wan smiled at him.

"Now it hurts.But at least it reminds me that finally you decided to use your body as it was meant to be used.I'm not a flower, Master.I think you know it now." The boy's tousled head rested on the wide shoulder of his Master his naked body relaxed.

"Padawan, we still have to escape."

"What if I don't want to. I like this, I don't want the Council to frown at us, I don't want them to tell you not to touch me I was not born to be chaste!I've never been happier in my life."

"Am I supposed to stand by and watch while this giant, licks you all over?"

"It's not unpleasant at all.He arouses me, with that, and then you can fuck me. He can't.You want more? I have enough oil to last us for years."

"Where are you hiding it?"

"In one of the clothes chest. It is in a small crate, never heard of it, it is labeled as bido oil,whatever that means.Would you like to get out some and anoint me all over?Then I can do the same for you. See, I'm getting hard again.This'd be the sixth, is that so bad to be able to come six times a day? I love it. I think this is the best thing in the world.Every inch of my skin is singing with pleasure, the mere feel of the material of my shirt is enough to make me purr, and just the velvet of the bed under me, I want you to experience this, Master. You have to, if for nothing else but to decide whether your crazed Padawan knows what he is doing." The sentence was finished with a mischievous wink.

"But you said I hurted you."

"That was then, in a minute, all I'll want is you inside me again. "The boy lay down on the bed, naked, his arms spread. "Get a vial, and anoint me. And get one for yourself."

The crate was not that small, Qui-Gon thought. It had at least three thousand vials in it.This has to end, the boy is out of his mind, wanting to stay here. I must get him out of here. He went along with trying the oil, just to know what it does. When he finished oiling Obi-Wan's skin, the boy started to oil him. The world exploded into a kaleidoscope of tactile sensations, he had never known that his body could feel this way. He had no idea that he could feel this much at once. It was as if he had been colorblind, and now he could see everything.

"Now, how does it feel, my Master?" Obi-Wan purred."Isn't it like half of the world was closed to you before? Is there anything else that matters, but my body touching yours? Shall we escape and save the world under the guidance of the Jedi council or would you rather if I bend over and you could come inside me? I know what you are thinking, there's more to life than this, there are the noble goals, and our duties. But now we are prisoners. We have no duties!" He laughed, bending over, holding his ankles.

Qui-Gon was lost, his nerve endings screamed for relief. Grabbing the Padawan's waist, he was in with a single trust. He lied to me, he thought, but that had happened somewhere else in a clouded part of the universe, a part that he had no more place in. He was not interested in the universe, not anymore. We are not two separate persons,he thought, we are one body, one body, there's nothing else, he is right, there's nothing else, but touch kisses, and strokes, his light teasing bites on my arm, his skin, his eyes, his hair. His mouth, oh, Gods, his mouth.I have been a Jedi, once, but now, I'm a focal point of pleasure, and I don't want to be anything else. My Obi, all mine, all mine, he's all mine. I'm all his.

"Yes, Master" Obi-Wan laughed. "I sure hope the Council doesn't miss us enough to try and rescue us. I really don't want to be rescued.You are happy too.And I can make you even happier, I know how! I'm going to tease you until I hear you beg.You want that? Or would you rather do it to me? It doesn't matter, we are one body, that's how you feel too?"

"Yes,my own, we are. This is madness, but I love it, and I love you." The Master answered.

"I'll never give you up, Master." Obi-Wan said, his eyes shone with determination.

"Why did you say that?"

"I don't know, suddenly I had this premonition, that I might be asked to do so. I'll never will."

"Please, don't, not even if I myself ask you to do it.Now I start to have bad feelings too. Put it aside,let's enjoy what we can."

/Four weeks later on Coruscant/

"They are in good shape, Master Yoda, tho the medical droids think that there might be a lingering effect of some drug in their system. Their skin is saturated with something called bido oil." the Healer reported.

"I've heard about it, a long time ago, there' was a scientific publication called Pegasus5, that detailed the effects of it. It is something that they were probably forced to use." Yoda said. "The effects will wear off soon enough." He didn't say anything more. It wasn't easy to find Qui-Gon and his apprentice,on Ginary, but for the combined talents of the entire Council, nothing was impossible. The rescue was fairly easy, timed carefully, the Master and Padawan were brought home, without much trouble, a few of the droids, in Lord Albar's house had to be deactivated and that was all. Mace Windu and half a dozen Jedi Knights, took over the food delivery ship, and while pretending to deliver food for the captives, they brought them out in the empty containers that the food was in.

Yoda was still waiting for the detailed report of Master Windu.It was oddly late in coming.

Now the door slid open and Windu arrived. "This was not difficult, but the problems are just beginning. When we got there, we witnessed an abomination. Master Jinn had taken his Padawan as his catamite.Something has to be done about that.Both of them are tainted beyond saving."

"I don't think the Padawan is beyond saving, he might be traumatized, but not hopeless, the memories of what had happened to him can be wiped from his mind. Qui-Gon will have to be restrained, where our flawed sabers are kept, and if he's not entirely lost, he can be treated."

Mace liked the expression, a Jedi, who disobeyed the council was called a flawed saber. Some of them were exiled, others received Force suggestions, that some fussier souls might have called brainwashing. But that was not anything like that, a rogue Jedi needs to be brough back into the fold, and after such gentle correction, they never doubted the wisdom of the Council again and lived in peace ever after. Now it was even more important that every Jedi was one hundred procent reliable, because, as Yoda suspected the Sith was not extinct. Now even the slightest deviation was dangerous.

"Call the council together as soon as those two recovered sufficiently. The healer said they are healthy. Should take no longer than two days, and don't tell a soul outside the council. No one must know that Obi-Wan had been used like that. He will forget it had ever happened, and you might even temper with his thoughts so that he'd be inclined to remain chaste for the rest of his life."Yoda suggested.

/Two days later in the Council's chamber./

"Master Jinn, you have seduced your Padawan, the fact that you were captives, doesn't excuse this behavior. The Padawan Kenobi must be provided with a future, but you shall be taken to the retreat, and given a four year period of evaluation to see if you can be redeemed." Windu announced.

"Evaluated you will be," Yoda said. "Take care of your Padawan the Council will. Master Jinn,of you ashamed we are."

Obi-Wan's laughter rang out loud. "You don't understand. He didn't seduce me. I seduced him. Watch me, I can seduce you too." Throwing off his Jedi robes, he undressed, revealing his beautiful body. He just stood there, waves of sensuality emanating from him. The Council members gasped.

"Leave us!" Windu cried. "Peddle your wares on the street corners, you abomination! Master Jinn will forget you have ever existed!"

"No!" Qui-Gon screamed."No! Don't make him leave! Or throw me out with him!"

"You are going to be evaluated."

Obi-Wan howled with outrage. "Evaulated? You are going to imprison him and brainwash him! You will regret this! He is mine!"

"Yes, my Obi, I'm yours. We shall meet again."

They wanted to embrace, but the combined power of the Council kept them paralyzed.

Obi-Wan was allowed to take a set of used clothes, something neutral, but not his Jedi robes.He was afraid. He felt the power of the Council, and knew he was not ready to fight them. He choked back his tears, and walked out of the JediTemple, with his head held high. If it takes my whole life, I'll have him back! I don't care from now on, all I want is Qui-Gon. If I have to personally wring the green neck of Master Yoda, I'd do it with delight. He didn't know how he's going to make a living, somehow he had the feeling that the Council will take care of it that he shouldn't get employment, apart from as Windu said, selling his body on the street corners, not that he cared, he could do that, that'd mean nothing to him.

"You don't have to do that, Kenobi." A soft cultured voice spoke to him. And if you want Master Jinn in your arms, you can have that too. You will be my Dark Lord. I'm the Sith Master the Jedi Council is so desperate to find.I'll give you everything you desire, power and your beloved. I'll get him away from the Council for you."

He looked around and saw nobody, yet the voice was clear.

"He will never accept me as a Sith Lord."

"Yes, he will. He loves you more than you can imagine. He'll go with you to the seventh blue hell, if that's the only place you can be together. But if you are worried about this, I can make him forget he had ever been a Jedi, I'm twice the master your wrinkled little green tyrant is. I can make Qui-Gon wake up, and you can tell him that he is your bonded mate, and he had an accident and lost his memory.

"That'd suit me fine.But not yet,first I want to know if he'd accept me without any manipulation." Obi-Wan said. "I presume I'll have to swear fealty to you.."

"Yes of course. But it is worth the reward isn't it? You will find that being a Sith Lord is not a bad position. When I die, you'll rule the galaxy with Master Jinn as your lover,and a proper apprentice you have raised from the cradle. And you will get to wipe out the Jedi Council."

"I'm not powerful enough to do that."

"You will be." The silky voice purred.

"I don't have to share your bed, I presume."

"No, my realm is of the mind, not the body. but you can indulge yourself. It will be rather unusual to have a Sith Lord who is more attractive than scary, but this is an unusual era, now, the Sith is ready to strike. Look at me."

Obi-Wan felt his jaw drop. Where he had seen nothing but thin air, now stood Supreme Chancellor Palpatine."How could I not seen you!"

"Join the club of billions." Palpatine pleased little smile was familiar, he had seen it on dozens of holos. "Take this key around the corner there's a speeder waiting, the directions are programmed into it. Go, occupy your new quarters.I'll take care that you don't have to wait for your carnal pleasures too long. I have every intention to spoil you,first, you relax, and get to know the Sith, then I will train you to use the Force as those sanctimonious clowns never would dream of using it. You'll like the power it gives you.Go now, I'll visit you tonight."

The sleek black speeder was there it's door opened up for him. The ride was long and very fast. I think I'm dreaming all this, he thought. How could Palpatine be the Sith Lord, right under the Council's nose! He was almost ready to wake up and find himself in his Master's arms in their Glass Cage on Ginaria. The speeder came to a halt in front of a black rock wall.There was a narrow spiral staircase leading up. He walked up on it, arriving to a small door, it had a lock, that the key he was given fitted in the door swung open revealing a dark corridor, he had to walk in feeling the walls with his fingertips. After about fifty yards in total darkness, he came to another door this was lit with torches on both side. It opened of it's own volition. A silver droid came to him.

"Welcome, home, Master. I hope you'll find the house to your satisfaction."

It was a fortress, spartan but well equipped.Obi-Wan walked around, it had a small bedchamber, a very large room for training, another bedchamber, that he thought might be for the Sith Master, there was a fair sized bathing pool, and a small dining area. On the lower level, Obi-Wan found the largest and most amazingly advanced computer room, with connections to every terminal in the Galaxy. This explains a lot. The walls ot that room were lined with shelves,holding books and scrolls,data disks, even stone tablets, parchments, leather sheets, records carved into clay, knotted strings, runes written on sticks. This is the library of the Sith, he thought.All the knowledge ever recorded about the Force. The droid followed him everywhere.

"Master, you have to let me know your schedule, when do you want your firstmeal and your midmeal, and your lastmeal, and what temperature your bath should be? And what kind of meals do you require? Master, about the clothing, the tailor will come tomorrow, or you'd rather see an armorer?"

"A tailor will do fine." He almost laughed."As for my firstmeal, I want it right now.Bread and wine, with mushrooms fried crisp."

He thought the droid looked relieved. "Have I said something you like?"

"Far it be from me Master, to criticize your predecessor, but I think your taste is more sophisticated."

"Why what did he eat?"

"He preferred his meat raw and bloody."

"I do not eat meat. But I'll like a wide variety of fruits. And as many different kind of breads, as you can have. And sweetcakes.White wine not dry full bodied sweet and fruity."

"How about the wenches?"The droid asked.

"I do not need them.If there are any in the house, reward them generously and let them go."

"Yes, Master.You don't want them killed? It'd be easy to poison them."

"Do they know something that warrants that?"

"They might go home and gossip about your predecessor."

"That doesn't concern me."

"As you wish, Master."

The meal was excellent,now he was almost sure he was not dreaming.

"The wine is perfect." He told the droid.

"Thank you, Master. We are all trying hard to please you."

My predecessor must have driven them to desperation, he smiled. They'll like a Jedi, who's not used to luxuries,the bread is really excellent, and the mushrooms are crispy. Never thought I'd have a home like this, and droids serving me, what can be wrong with the Sith ruling the galaxy, I hate the Jedi Council already.Can Palpatine really get Qui-Gon here?

/Next day/

The tailor came. Obi-Wan was shown some holos of his predecessor, a man in flowing black robes and a red and black tattoo on his face. No, he thought nothing like this, if Palpatine could walk around as a senator from Naboo, I could walk around as I please. He wanted normal clothes, silver and black leather, black wool and high boots. One long leather coat, to wear his lightsaber under. He was given a lightsaber with a red blade, that he tried in the exercise room.

He resigned himself to wait.

/Two weeks later/

Qui-Gon didn't know, how he ever got out of the burning building of the Jedi retreat where maybe ten or twenty Jedi was evaluated, or what Qui-Gon thought brainwashed. A huge fire broken out and the whole building burned to the ground. As far as he knew, nobody survived the blaze but him. He was unharmed. He found himself sitting on a small bunk. He felt he was on a ship, a droid came to him.

"Master, can I help you in any way?"

"Yes, you can tell me where am I being taken?"

"You are going to the fort of Darth Insati."

"A Sith?"

"Yes, Master Jinn. Lord Darth Insati, my master requested your presence at his dinner table tonight."

Insati? What kind of a name is that? He was trying to make sense of the name on all the languages he spoke.Maybe the Sith is trying to recruite me,he wondered.I know the Council thought they are probably still around.I don't care,what they want with me, all I hope for is to get a chance,to find my Obi, I don't even know what they've done to him they threw him out on the street. He's not helpless, he won't starve, he's a Jedi, but he must be missing me as much as I miss him.I hope he's not doing something desperate!

"Would you like to take a bath, Master?" the droid asked."Your clothes are all sooty, may I clean them?"

"Yes." He undressed, remembering how it felt to be naked with his Obi in his arms. Desire washed over him with intense heat. He took a shower, and received his cleaned clothes from the droid.

They landed somewhere that was not a spaceport, shortly after, he made himself presentable. The droid escorted him to a rocky hillside. And led him through the dark tunnel to the door of the hidden Sith fortress. Inside, he was led into a small dining room, and the droid bid him to sit down at the table. He felt no human presence at all in the house. If the Sith lords learned to withold their presence in the Force, no wonder Yoda thought that the Dark is difficult to sense.

He waited for a while. One of the back walls slid open. Qui-Gon gasped. His Obi-Wan stood there, dressed in tight fitting black leather pants, and black boots that went up almost to his crotch. Black silk shirt with long, loose sleeves hugged his torso, his sandy hair fall past his shoulders in soft waves. He was smiling.

"Do you mind, Master, that I'm the Sith Lord? I wondered if my name means something to you?"

"I should have known," Qui-Gon sighed. "Darth Insatiable?"

"I think it's a good joke."

"What will happen now?"

"Do you want me still? Are you ready to turn? Their light is not for us, besides, I think their light is not all that light. They were ready to brainwash you." Anger blazed in the bluegreen eyes. "I hope they didn't finish the job."

"No, my Obi, they did not. All they did was to make me tell them in vivid details, what had happened to us on Ginaria. And they kept telling me how disgusting you are."

"Am I?"

"No, my love, nothing had changed between us. And nothing ever will."

"You love me.I shall train in the arts of the Sith, and as my new Master tells me, soon the Sith will rule the Galaxy, after my Master's death, I'll be the new Sith Master." Obi-Wan sat down at the table, graceful as always." I think you could be the Emperor of the Galaxy, you'd make a great ruler.The Sith could serve your Empire. I'm convinced that the Galaxy will be better off without the corrupt Senate and the Jedi Council. There might be a time of war, and turmoil,but after that, there shall be peace and order for the people. And for the two of us,as much lovemaking as we can manage. Would you make a child for me? A child to be my apprentice, and the next Sith Master? I'd love your child more than my own."

Qui-Gon reached out, to hold him. "I never hoped we'd be together again."

"There's always something else never give up, you told me once." Obi-Wan laughed."Kiss me,take me.I don't think we need any bido oil to make us more interested." He was stripping of his shirt, the soft black silk slid off his body, he took off his boots, and his pants, he wore nothing underneath that. He undressed Qui-Gon as well. "I don't think we'll have our meal first.Unless this counts." Naked, he knelt between his Master's legs.

Palpatine watched them in his own room on his private monitor. "Nothing better than a happy Sith Lord, and this one will serve me with more dedication. than any other. His plans for the future are precious to him. He is right, Qui-Gon would make a great ruler both of them will be immensely popular, the wise older man and the beautiful young warrior. The Galaxy shall belong to the Sith. That's all I want.I'll have my years of glory, and soon I'll stand looking at the ruins of the Jedi Temple. What else is there for me? The two of them will have more than I ever had. I wish I didn't promise him that he doesn't have to share my bed. But let it be enough for me to see them."

The End.