Another Fine Mess

by Claddagh

Archive: master_apprentice

Rating: NC-17, a PWP through and through

Warnings: explicit Q/O (m/m) sex ahead

Spoilers: none

Summary: Two Jedi and a Vat of Chocolate

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"How is it, Master, that we get ourselves into these situations?"

Obi-Wan's obviously rhetorical question earned him a stern glance, and then a wry chuckle, from his Master, and Qui-Gon shrugged eloquently in answer. "Sheer talent, I suppose."

As the lift doors opened, both men hurried out into the corridor, and straight into a crowd of milling, anxious humans. Pushing their way quickly through the crowd, they reached the edge of the platform and stopped. Ahead of them, just past a low gate, stretched a catwalk, suspended over a vat. A vat of the sweet candy known as "chocolate", one of the most prized exports of Selith Prime.

And sitting happily at the edge of the catwalk was a small child, perhaps a year old, completely unaware of the danger in which her explorations had placed her.

With unspoken agreement, the two men parted, Obi-Wan quickly circling the platform to the gate at the other end of the catwalk. When he was there, both Jedi climbed quickly over the gates and began a slow trek towards the child, one from either side.

Tell me again why we don't just levitate the child to safety, Master? Obi-Wan's thoughts brushed easily through Qui-Gon's mind.

In this culture, it would be considered a gratuitous display of our abilities, Padawan. Selites honour the Jedi, but also fear our power. Now hush and concentrate on the child.

Yes, Master. The definite tinge of amusement underlying Obi-Wan's words earned him another stern glance, and the younger man carefully cleared all traces of humour from his face. Sorry.

As they crept closer, the child suddenly noticed Qui-Gon's approach, and startled. The crowd gave a collective gasp as the baby teetered at the edge of the catwalk. From the other side, Obi- Wan lunged forward, trying to reach the baby in time. He missed, only barely, and the two tumbled off the walk and towards the milky vat below. On instinct, Qui-Gon dove forward at the same time, not quite fast enough to catch either child or Padawan, and just far enough to lose his own balance.

The crowd's collective shriek was abruptly cut off as the child suddenly stopped falling, suspended in mid air. Even as both Jedi splashed into the vat, the baby was sent quickly upwards, towards the edge, and was immediately snatched into her mother's waiting arms.

Half the crowd followed mother and child from the room, so relieved at the baby's safety that they didn't even stop to question the use of Jedi powers to save it. The other half remained, watching with great interest, as two figures surfaced, completely drenched in chocolate.

Obi-Wan glanced sideways at his Master again, then began pulling himself towards the ladder rungs set into the side of the vat. I'll ask again, Master, how is it that we keep getting ourselves into these situations?

Qui-Gon didn't even answer.

"I assure you, Minister, we are both unharmed. We require only a place in which to clean ourselves and our clothing." Qui-Gon forcibly quelled his irritation at the hovering of the Selite Minister of State, and resisted the urge to comb his chocolate-soaked hair back from his face.

"Of course, Master Jedi, of course. We are so grateful that you saved the child, at such risk to yourselves..."

Qui-Gon forced a tight smile and inclined his head. "It is no burden, Minister. It is our duty. Now, if we may, a place to clean up?"

"Yes, yes, right this way. There is a cleaning room for the factory staff just over here..."

Long moments later, after they had finally convinced the Minister that there was no harm done and that all they really needed was a bath and a change of clothing, the two Jedi found themselves alone in a small lavatory area. Obi-Wan's sigh was strangely loud in the room. He turned from the door to meet his Master's gaze... and burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry, Master, but you should see what you look like..."

"You look no better, I assure you, young Padawan. Control yourself, please."

Biting his lip hard, Obi-Wan straightened his expression. "Yes, Master. Of course. But you really should see..."

"Obi-Wan!" Qui-Gon's sharp tone could not hide the other man's not-so-carefully controlled amusement, and Obi-Wan grinned. Then his eyes narrowed as the direction of his thoughts took an abrupt turn..

"Shall I bathe you, Master?" The tone of his voice no longer held any amusement whatsoever. In fact, it was faintly predatory.

Qui-Gon straightened abruptly, catching the full force of Obi-Wan's intentions. "If you wish, Padawan," he answered, keeping his voice carefully neutral. "Do not feel obligated."

Obi-Wan advanced on him slowly. "It is no burden, Master," he replied deliberately. "It is my duty..."

Reaching out, the younger man caught his Master's right hand with both of his own, and brought it slowly to his mouth. With great, deliberate care, he ran his tongue repeatedly over the index finger, removing every trace of chocolate. Qui-Gon closed his eyes and concentrated very hard on remaining still and upright.

"There is a bathing stall, Obi-Wan," he managed, only the faintest tremor running through his voice as the younger man moved on to give each finger the same treatment as the first. When small, even teeth gently scraped along the pad of his thumb, he caught his breath.

Yes, Master, but this... is more satisfying, is it not?

Another rhetorical question, and Qui-Gon gave no answer other than to remain where he was and allow Obi-Wan to continue. By the time the younger man had removed all traces of chocolate from both hands, the Master was fighting to keep his feet.

Strong hands quickly removed his chocolate-caked clothing, though Qui-Gon caught just a hint of frustration at trying to get the boots off without breaking the mood. Before he could find the ability to comment, he was naked in front of his apprentice. Naked and very, very aroused.

"The chocolate has gotten under your clothing, Master," Obi-Wan commented offhandedly. "Allow me to remove it."

Without waiting for an answer, he leaned forward, the tip of his tongue flicking out to lap at the center of his Master's chest, then moving first to one taut brown nipple and then the other, then back to the center. Qui-Gon moaned low in his throat and brought both hands to his Padawan's shoulders for balance, and sensed Obi-Wan's satisfaction at the effect his "bath" was having on the older man.

Crouching lower, Obi-Wan licked and nibbled a path down the middle of his Master's torso, lapping playfully at the navel before dropping to his knees and pausing a moment. He felt Qui- Gon tense in anticipation, and grinned delightedly. Then he leaned forward and abruptly took his lover's entire length in one stroke.

Qui-Gon's breath exploded from his chest in a rush, and he nearly buckled at the knees. His fingers laced through Obi-Wan's short, spiky hair, sticky with chocolate, and he had to fight the urge to thrust forward. Then Obi-Wan pulled back, carefully suckling all traces of the sweet candy from just the swollen tip, and he nearly lost the battle.

Obi-Wan, please...

"Please what, Master? I am only bathing you..."

Qui-Gon's answer was a primal growl, and Obi-Wan's laughter echoed briefly in his mind before the younger man took the hint and ceased his torment. Moving from the head to the shaft, he suckled harder, until all he could taste was the heady flavour of Qui-Gon's skin. The older man's shivers and moans encouraged him, and he reveled in the knowledge that he was bringing this pleasure to his beloved Master.

He sensed the growing urgency in his Master's body, felt the need welling in him. Pressing forward again, he took Qui-Gon's length as far as he could, his reflexive swallow earning him another growl, this one of warning.


Yes, Master...

Close... A low moan, more urgent...

YES, Master...

He swallowed again, the muscles of his throat contracting tightly around the head of his Master's cock, and had only a split second of warning before the dam broke.

With a low, sharp cry, Qui-Gon threw his head back and arched forward, would have choked him had he not been prepared. The burst of sensation, of indescribable pleasure that surged through their link, brought Obi-Wan to the edge as well.

Then, half a second later, he was swallowing again and again as Qui-Gon's body took up the task, swelling and pulsing against his tongue over and over, until finally the tidal wave began to ebb.

Unable to remain upright on his own, Qui-Gon slumped forward against his lover. Lifting his head quickly, swallowing once more to clear his throat, Obi-Wan caught his Master and lowered him gently to his knees, pulled him into an embrace as the older man caught his wind back.

"Are you all right, Master?"

A nod against his shoulder was his only response, and he smiled again, pleased as he always was to be able to bring his lover, his strong, controlled Master, to such a state.

After a few moments, Qui-Gon lifted his head to meet Obi-Wan's gaze. His blue-grey eyes glittered with an as-yet unsatisfied hunger that made the younger man's body suddenly surge with arousal.

"And now, young Padawan, it is time for your bath..."

(To be continued?)