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Bear the Consequences by Yvette
Obi-Wan gets himself and his Master into trouble
Categories: First-Time, Qui/Obi, Qui/Obi
R - 85 k - 08-Aug-1999

The Lie by Yvette
Obi-Wan tells a lie and nearly loses his Master because of it
Categories: Non Q/O, Angst, Pre-Slash, Drama
PG - 66 k - 13-Oct-1999

Aftermath by Yvette
Sequel to Bear the Consequences. Please read below for a summary of Bear the Consequences - if you haven't read the story, you probably should, or this one won't make a lot of sense.
Categories: Angst, Drama, Qui/Obi, Qui/Obi
NC-17 - 52 k - 04-Nov-1999

Daen by Yvette
Obi-Wan loses his virginity.
Categories: Non Q/O, Angst, First-Time
Unrated - 60 k - 01-Dec-1999

Misdirection by Yvette
Qui-Gon has no memory of the events in 'Aftermath' and Obi-Wan attempts to hide the entire truth from him. The mistrust between Master & Padawan threatens to tear them apart.
Categories: Non Q/O, Angst, Drama
NC-17 - 79 k - 10-Feb-2000

All I Wanted To Say by Yvette
With Qui-Gon forbidden by the Council to see Obi-Wan, and Obi-Wan off on a mission with Daen, thinking that Qui-Gon has rejected him, could our intrepid duo really overcome the odds to be together?
Categories: Angst, Drama, Qui/Obi, Qui/Obi
NC-17 - 130597 bytes k - 01-Mar-2000