Christine Marie Hill (Rogue)

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What appeals to you about writing in this particular fandom (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, or Star Wars in general)?
I'd have to say it's Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. I've never before written slash, but once I was challenged, using the fandom of my choice, this little voice in my head, besides telling me to go Fidgie somebody, added that these two Force-boys were Hot Stuff. So, I listened to my instincts. For once. =)

What appeals to you about writing slash, in general? Is it the only genre you write, or do you also write gen or straight adult?
I actually write straight adult most of the time. But for some really stupid, convoluted reason I just don't understand, Qui and Obi seem so ... PERFECT, for each other. I can't explain it all that well, sorry.

Do you write in other fandoms, or only this one?
Biker Mice from Mars, actually. And then when I feel like it. =)

Who are some of your favorite authors (either fan or pro), and do you feel you draw inspiration from their work?
Anne McCaffrey is a fave Pro. Linda Howard is another. Fan-wise, Keelywolfe, Dark Angel, Destina, Lilith Sedai, Write_Stuff, Mac, FireCracker, and many, many others inspire me. I mean, with standards like that to achieve, right? Also, they've inspired me to do my best to come up with funny stuff and smart-assishness. Call me nutso, but there it is.

Are there any particular themes/ideas that run through your work? Issues you like to address, genres (for instance, BDSM, angst, h/c) that are particularly appealing to you as a writer?
See previous comment. Actually, I prefer to do stuff that is funny and smart-assishness. Angst is all well and good at certain times of my existence and phases of the moon, but y'gotta admit, laughing does feel good, and that's what I'm aiming for, really it is. That's about it.

What is your favorite story that you've written, and why?
Whichever one that made folks laugh the hardest, and see previous comment.

What would you like to see more of in fan-fiction and fan-fic communities, and conversely are there things of which you'd like to see less?
Actually, would you believe that there is a very nice balance achieved? There's enough of everything by everyone going around that if somebody attempts something in an area they're unsuited for, it could topple over like a stack o' flapjacks and then we'd all either end up with mush, a syrupy mess, or mega- heartbreak, and who wants to walk around like that? I know that "duct tape has a Light Side and a Dark Side and can hold all the problems of the universe together," but I'm not willing to go THAT far.

How important is receiving feedback to you?
Actually, it's highly important to me for childish psychological issues. The childish part being that I want attention, the psycho part being that whenever I DID get attention while growing up, it wasn't the kind I either needed, nor wanted. And, as I've said, I wanna know if I've made anyone laugh.

Do you have any advice for someone just getting started writing fan-fiction?
"Research, research, and more research." I self-taught myself when I first began writing, but I finally actually LEARNED how to really get it right (arrogance, thy name is Stripe) when I read other people's work that had been doing it for a while. It's how I especially did the slash stuff. Never wrote it before, so I went to an informed source. And you can see how well I learned my lessons. *smart-ass grin*

Any closing comments to make?
Yes. Thanks to Sockii and anybody else responsible for this website. Terrific place to submit to, easily readable, easily searched, and very tastefully decorated. If it were a house, I'd buy it and move in! Also, thanks to Sockii for putting up with me when I ask her to archive AND send to list for me. I'd get nowhere without that doll, really I wouldn't. And, as always, thanks to the people who enjoy my work and let me know about it. Your notes always wire me up enough to go off and attempt something even more inane and barely legal. ;)