The Master's Musings - MMoM Day 1 - May 1, 2002

by Mali Wane (

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Pairing: Q/O

Summary: A series of short snippets, all from Qui-Gon's POV, focusing on his love for Obi-Wan, and their relationship.

Disclaimer: These beautiful boys aren't mine, they belong to George. I'm just playing with them for a bit. I promise to put them back when I'm done. Don't sue - I've got no money. I've spent it all on seeing TPM way too many times and buying SW toys and feeding my Liam obsession.

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My thoughts are to try doing a fic a day, for the month of May. I make no promises, but I'll give it a try. So, my thanks to Sithdragn for staying up with me and for her quick beta, so that I could get this posted BEFORE May 2, when the next one is due.

Invited to participate in an annual sacred ceremony that has never allowed outsiders in the past, the Council was pleased and honored to accept. Obi-Wan and I arrived on MMoM this morning. After being briefed by the Temple Magistrate, we were taken to our quarters to begin the extensive cleansing rituals.

Since Obi-Wan and I have participated in many ceremonies on many planets, each with their own particular set of rituals and traditions, I had come to believe there was little that could still surprise me. I was wrong.

The ceremony will take place on the 31st day of the current lunar month for this planet. On that day, the twelve couples previously chosen to participate in this sacred event will be brought to a beautiful garden, carefully secluded from the rest of the population. The garden is laid out in a circle, representing the planet of MMoM. It is divided into twelve small, private gardens, representing the planet's twelve moons. In the center of the circle is an elaborate Temple, where the gods of MMoM supposedly reside. Each couple will enter a private garden, and after being blessed by the Temple Magistrate, will spend the day making love.

The ceremony is actually an affirmation of love and life. The people of MMoM believe that if their gods are pleased, it will mean an abundance of crops over the next eleven lunar cycles. It is taken very seriously.

Before we can participate in the actual ceremony, we must first go through a 30 day cleansing period, following a strict regime of rituals.

First of all, Obi-Wan and I are to abstain from making love with each other during this cleansing period, though we are encouraged to cuddle, kiss and hold one another as often as we desire. We are not allowed to leave the small set of rooms we've been assigned to, and will have anything we might need brought to us. We must bathe three times a day, using the special exotic soaps which will be brought to us each day after being blessed by the Magistrate. Our diet will consist of foods carefully prepared and blessed, designed to cleanse the body of all impurities. And finally, we are to masturbate every single day until the day of the ceremony. This, the people of MMoM believe, will totally eliminate any remaining impurities, and on the day of the ceremony our bodies will be completely pure, both inside and out.

So yes, while quite surprised by the rituals expected of us during the next 30 days, I believe it will be no great hardship to spend 30 days alone with my Obi-Wan, kissing him, holding him, and masturbating with him. And on the 31st day, I can only hope that their gods will find our "sacrifices" pleasing and acceptable as we make love together in their garden. I do understand the seriousness of their ceremony, as well as the great honor bestowed upon the Jedi by being invited to participate. But this will truly be one of the most enjoyable missions Obi-Wan and I have ever been assigned.

I decided we would try to have as much fun as possible with this. Obi-Wan decided he would be the one to determine how and when we masturbate. When I told him I would willingly leave it in his more than capable hands, he laughed and threw a cushion at me. This afternoon after a shared bath, we assume our normal meditation positions. Face to face, hands resting on thighs, knees touching, we kneel in the middle of the living area. By unspoken agreement, we both allow the Force to guide our meditation, instead of focusing on any certain idea or situation. Through our bond, I am dimly aware of the Force drawing our souls ever closer, filling our hearts with its light, as we trance down deeper into ourselves.

Several hours later, I emerge from my trance feeling refreshed and renewed. I open my eyes and the first thing I see is my Obi-Wan. He is still trancing, though through our bond I can tell it will be a few minutes before he "resurfaces." I don't mind, for it gives me a chance to just look at him, something I'm certain I will never tire of.

A few minutes later he opens his eyes and smiles at me. "You were staring at me, again."

"I was merely admiring the view," I tell him honestly.

He laughs, the sound rich and full, and just hearing it makes me smile. It never ceases to amaze me that this wonderful young man is in love with me. I may have dedicated my life to the Jedi, but Obi-Wan owns my heart and my soul.

At that moment I am nearly consumed with the need to take him in my arms and make slow sweet love to him, and all at once I realize this mission may be harder than I first thought. As attuned to each other as we are, especially after the type of meditation we've just shared, he easily knows my thoughts.

"A practice in self-control, my Master. Isn't that what you would tell me?" His eyes sparkle and dance with barely suppressed merriment. "Let's see, first lesson. Can you control yourself while watching me masturbate?"

Like me, he is naked except for the towel wrapped around his waist, and with a flick of his wrist, his towel now drops to the floor. He is beautiful to me, and he knows it.

"I assure you I can control myself, my Padawan," I teased him. Yet I am already feeling the first stirrings of arousal at just the idea of watching him pleasure himself.

He places one hand on the floor behind him, and leans back. He slides his other hand down his abdomen and casually fondles his penis. I watch, hungrily, as it begins to thicken and lengthen in his hand. "I suppose you "could" control yourself, if you "had" to," he says, smiling over at me. "But I've decided this first time should be done together."

"I like that idea even better," I tell him, removing my towel. Taking my semi-hard shaft in my hand, I easily bring myself to full arousal.

"Beautiful," he whispers huskily, his eyes on my groin. "I love watching you like this."

His voice is like silk, soft and deep, and it never fails to affect me. Today is no different. "Talk to me, my Obi-Wan. Tell me what you see." I don't really need him to describe what I'm doing, but it is the first thing I think of to keep him talking. Unlike him, I am not focused on just what he is doing to his cock. I stare at his face, watching as the faint blush of arousal spreads from his throat to his cheeks.

He looks up at me and smiles. "I see my lover," he says, quietly. "So beautiful. So strong. Broad shoulders for me to lean on. Fat nipples for me to suck." He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment, and I long to lean over and press a soft kiss against each eyelid. I glance down and am not surprised to see that we are stroking our cocks in time with one another.

"I see hands that are as much a part of my life as my own skin," he continues, his eyes once again open. "Hands that have molded me, trained me, disciplined me, and comforted me. Hands that now can bring me to a shuddering orgasm with just a whisper of a touch."

He is so beautiful like this. His eyes are dilating and his lips have begun to slightly swell, as they always do when he is aroused. Force, I want him. I always want him. I crave his touch, his smell, his kiss. I look down at his hand wrapped around his cock, and I ache to be that hand.

"Obi-Wan," I groan softly, watching as he slides his thumb over the head of his penis. He shudders and moans, and it is a glorious sound. The movements of his hand speeds up and suddenly I can smell his arousal and my mouth waters from wanting him so badly.

"And I see your cock," he says, his voice cracking slightly. "And you are so hard, and I know it's for me. Always for me. I love to have your cock inside of me. Taking me. Claiming me."

He is getting close now. I can feel it through our bond, and I don't want him to leave me behind. "Obi-Wan!" I groan again, and he looks up at me, his eyes burning into mine, and it is what I need. "My love, oh my love."

"Love you," he moans. He is pumping himself hard and fast, his fist almost a blur and I match him, stroke for stroke.

And then he begins to shudder, his hand freezing around his shaft, and I can see he is squeezing it, and I am there with him, and it is good, so good.

"Obi-Wan," I groan once more as I follow him over the edge.

Yes, it's going to be an interesting month.